For What It's Worth

by Sundown Superhero

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"For What It's Worth" is the second studio EP by Sundown Superhero.
Despite keeping with their vibrant and upbeat sound, the band addresses more mature themes in the lyrical content of their sophomore release. With the EP's feature single, "Endless Summer", Sundown Superhero brings early 2000's nostalgia back to your sunny days.


released May 17, 2019

Music and lyrics by Emile Sabga, Craig Haniff and Philip Norville.
Recorded at Pavilion Studios (Hastings, Barbados).
Produced by Jordon Silva of Clear Mix Studio (Los Angeles, California).

All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Sundown Superhero Bridgetown, Barbados

Sundown Superhero is a pop/punk band reigning from the small Caribbean island of Barbados.

Having been involved with multiple groups in the local music scene throughout the 2000s and 2010s, Sundown Superhero was originally founded by Emile Sabga (guitar & vocals), Craig Haniff (bass & vocals), and Philip Norville (drums) in an effort to return to their roots in skate/surf and punk rock culture.
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Track Name: Pointless Games
You were not the first one
And you won't be the last one
To spend your love on pointless games with him

I met you out on Second Street
Where the sun and water meet
With a cold one in my hand but not my heart
His words, they first alluded me
And I would never disagree
The pain he caused, you could have listened from the start

I couldn't save you from yourself
When you turned into someone else
The road you took to hell was never paved with good intentions

You were something
I was nothing
Spending all your time surrounding
Games, he played you
Words that weren't true
Spending all my time just being the fool

Pretty girl, he said to you
You know you've got me in the mood
I'm standing here, his words, they make me want to puke
You're the last one on his list
Until he's done and gone with it
I think it's best I go before I lose my shit

I was not the first one
And I won't be the last one
To spend my love on pointless games with you
Track Name: Endless Summer
One more round, we might not see it coming
But the bottom of my glass, it always breaks the fall
From a dream, we turn this into something
They say before you walk, you’ve gotta learn to crawl

I’m calling
You’re stalling
We’re falling down

Let’s get away from here
Where the water’s clear
And the sun sets in your eyes
Where the music plays
And there’s no yesterday
And we live until we die
Or we could risk it all, ignore the call
Behind every single tear
But it would be a bummer if we lose this
Endless summer

The days are long, but all the nights feel longer
You were there from the start, but now you’re fading fast
They all say that distance makes us stronger
But the hardest part is when you get lost in the past

The sun, it sets in your eyes
Track Name: Hit Repeat
Her lips, they move as she speaks
But her words get lost, can I hit repeat?
Her eyes stare begging for more
But she can’t speak up ‘cause she’s so insecure

And I can’t help if you ask me
To change the world, are you crazy?
The love was lost on the floor
And the memories leave us feeling bitter to the core

You always miss the water when the well runs dry
But the drought was sure in doubt those times he made you cry
All those heroes wearing capes, they rarely save the day
But I always hit the targets that you send me way

We built this town made of paper
Then burned it down a little later
The past is gone, so they say
And tomorrow’s never promised, but we’ve got today

But I can’t give anymore, I can’t take anymore
I don’t feel the way that I felt before
Can’t run anymore, can’t hide anymore
I don’t feel the way that I felt before

Here’s a story about a girl, and a guy she knew
Where they tried to make it work, but they didn’t know what to do

You were never one to follow
Through with all the things in front you
Paint your life, a world of wonder
Hold your breath, we’re going under
Web of lies, could see right through you
Close your eyes, your heart betrays you
Track Name: Another Song
Is this gonna be another song
Where we sing about the things that all went wrong?

It was permanent fate
When I made the mistake
Of walking away from you
There’s a moment in time
When we pay for our crimes
But there’s nothing we can do

Is there any truth in what we’ve done?
These questions that you’re asking me keep dragging on

There’s a light in your eyes
And it makes me feel alive
There’s a shadow in the back part of the room
There’s a wish on your lips
And it’s where my feelings trip
There’s a moment and I don’t know what to do
I don’t know what to do
Track Name: Life After You
Feels like I’m 23 again
This time, it’s a little different
You took my heart away with you
Defending every word I say
But you took your shit and walked away
I guess I’ve gotta face the truth

That you’re gone
I know what I did was wrong
And I can’t take it back
Even if I wanted to
Safe to say
My mind’s in disarray
I know you’re never coming back, coming back
I know you’re never coming back to me

I’ve been trying to figure out
Where I’m gonna go and what I’m gonna do
I’ve been trying to find a way
To make it out alive and start over anew
You’re so damn hard to forget
Can’t get you out of my head
And I wish that I knew how to
I’ve been trying to move along
And readjust to life after you

Feels like I’m 23 again
This time, it’s a little different
You took my heart away with you
You blame me again, and I’ve had enough
Don’t say a word, just fuck right off
‘Cause all that’s left is black and blue

I tried my best
I poured it out my chest
You didn’t even know
What to do with it
Such a shame
It had to end this way
But I don’t want you coming back, coming back
I never want you coming back to me

How did 2 years of something
Simply amount to nothing
When underneath, we were just falling apart?
Can’t build on a foundation
Of mistrust and frustration
I guess I knew that we were doomed from the start

What am I gonna do now?
Track Name: Long Nights
I can’t sleep tonight
With the ghost of you calling out my name
The voices in my head
They always sound the same
Like distant memories
A better place where we both met
The kind that feels so real but I know it’s not
And that’s my worst regret

The sky, I swear it was
A strange but happy blue
Then it poured on us, a horrid rain
A sudden, stormy brew
Like little talks we had
With big ideas and so much hope
Where we’d watch the sun and catch the surf
And laugh at our own jokes

But it might be too late now
‘Cause we’re on the road, we’re on the road
And you’re moving on
And I’m over here, dealing with these

Long nights and short dances
I forget how nice romance is
I just wanna take you home
I’m tired of these long nights and short dances
Where I forget how nice romance is
I just wanna take you home

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