Wake Up The Neighbourhood

by Sundown Superhero

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Sundown Superhero’s first studio EP, “Wake Up The Neighbourhood”, lights up the shores of their home country Barbados and beyond with its vibrant and powerful pop/punk sound. This compilation of punk rock love stories features some of the band’s earliest work, dating back to the band’s inception in late 2010.


released October 15, 2018

Music and lyrics by Emile Sabga, Craig Haniff and Philip Norville
Produced in collaboration with Simon Pipe of Creek Productions (Christ Church, Barbados), and Jordon Silva of Clear Mix Studio (Los Angeles, California).


all rights reserved



Sundown Superhero Bridgetown, Barbados

Sundown Superhero is a pop/punk band reigning from the small Caribbean island of Barbados.

Having been involved with multiple groups in the local music scene throughout the 2000s and 2010s, Sundown Superhero was originally founded by Emile Sabga (guitar & vocals), Craig Haniff (bass & vocals), and Philip Norville (drums) in an effort to return to their roots in skate/surf and punk rock culture.
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Track Name: Midnight Knock
She fought the FBI
And she sold her soul to a sketchy spy
She fought the CIA
When she signed her named, couldn’t get away

It’s so damn hard to get by
With no one standing by her side
She’s not amused to be confused
At all the things she thought she knew
Time cannot erase the things she’s had to face
She’ll let you in but never out
And that’s just what she’s all about

Just say yes, it’ll be alright
She said it every single time
She took the plunge, did she think of you
As she spread her wings and flew?
Time can’t be her friend when she’s rushing to the end
Summer’s in her heart, but trust me dear
It ain’t four seasons of the year

And I cannot help when you’re bringing me down
She’s bringing me down
You cannot help but to do just what you do
Track Name: California Dime
I fell for you
It was just one time and you were falling too
He was there too
I never thought you’d go for something new
You can say it again, say it again
It won’t work for me
You can fake it again, fake it again
For the whole world to see

I knew it by your sigh of relief and
You used to give me something to believe in

She said, she said
We’re never gonna make it
She said, she said
It’s only gonna drag us down
She said, she said
We’re gonna have to fake it
She said, she said
We’ll dance until the night is done

You saw the signs
Coming at you like city lights
Bent out of line
With all of your flaws running through your mind
You can say it again, say it again
Lost in a choice
And you can blame it on them, blame it on them
No reason or voice

I knew it by the grin on his face and
I’m just another notch in your bedstand

And all this time, you were dancing with the cool kids
Glancing over, asking me to read lips
By the bar, hanging around wasting time
What’s up, Caroline?
Track Name: Pretty Girl
I can’t stop thinking about you
When you’re running through my brain
You pull me down when you say that it’s over
And you’re driving me insane

And we’ll burn it down
We’ll burn it to the ground
You say it’s over now
But we don’t know how

Woah! My heart’s outta control
Woah! I think it’s time to go

Off and on
Pretty girl, you know you’re off and on
Pretty girl, you got me off and on
Pretty girl, you know you’re…
You’re so on, I’m so off
I’m so onto you

Just one kiss is how it started
And it’s how we’ve always been
You make the rules for the death departed
As you take it on your chin

And I’ll let you in
It’s my greatest sin
And we’ll do our time
For our crime, for our crime
Track Name: Honey's Hit The Floor
She busted through the door
She spilled it on the floor
We all know it was almost over now
I was always last to know
Always left out in the cold
We all know it was almost over now

It’s alright to tell them
What you think about me
It’s alright for us to argue now

My courage burned too fast
But the moment slipped and past
I don’t know what went wrong
Her friends, they helped a bit
But they made it hard to say
I don’t know what went wrong

Don’t go wasting time on stupid ignorance
Don’t go wasting time on stupid people now
She’s so damn conceited, not hardly deceiving
Don’t go wasting time on stupid ignorance

She busted through the door
She spilled it on the floor
We all know what wrong…
Track Name: On This High
And she said, the sky will someday be on fire
And she said, soon it will come crashing down
But we tried to trip
On clouds to see if we could get higher
But we died before we hit the ground

And your friends, they said
They didn’t think that we would ever make it
But I knew it would be going down
Now I stand on this high
Mounted on the shoulders of giants
Looking at your shit show down below

I won’t tell you how to live your life today
I won’t tell you that I’m starting again
I’m starting again
I won’t tell you how to live your life today
I won’t tell you
Track Name: Written On The Wall
I woke up in a world where we all sit back
And wait for things to change
Now we see through eyes that mirror normal
To become estranged
And I can’t shake this fear
Of a future standing here
Where the roles are called
And the called are rolled
Into the atmosphere

They say that loose lips sink ships
But I don’t know ‘cause I can’t fucking sail
And if I tried, I’d bet a dime
Your words would drown us as we flail
And I can’t promise you
I won’t leave you on your own
And I’ll turn this thing around
And point the nose for home

I can’t breathe
When it all all comes faster but it doesn’t matter at all
I can’t feel
When one is turning and the other’s burning, we’ll fall
We gotta go
I’m outta my head, you already know
I can’t see
What’s in your mind, not written on the wall

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